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Chelsea Williams and Barbara Murray

In the household of Chelsea Williams, and her mother Barbara Murray, family traditions were treasures, and they filled their home with rich memories. There are few things more magical then experiencing holidays through the eyes of children.

Witnessing the wonder and excitement of her two daughters on the morning of their birthdays, after a visit from the Birthday Fairy inspired Chelsea to write the story. Their faces light up as they see their rooms filled with balloons and streamers, and the treat and birthday surprise the Birthday Fairy has delivered.

Chelsea involved her mother Barbara Murray, in creating the story about the tradition of the birthday fairy, and with that they brought the whimsical characters to life. It is with great pleasure that they now introduce Sprinkles the Birthday Fairy, and her birthday helpers, Mad Batter the wizard and his three headed dragon Harry, Burt and Mary and Squinky the elf. Sprinkles the birthday fairy will capture the hearts of families everywhere.

Chelsea Williams            Barbara Murray



Caroline Zina

Caroline Zina is a freelance illustrator from California.
Her creative journey began as a child where the illustrations in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events fascinated and inspired Caroline to want to become an illustrator herself.

She would spend endless hours drawing images that defined her fanciful and imaginative world. Caroline can bring anything to life with the sketch of a pen or the stroke of a brush. Caroline’s whimsical imagery inspired by her childhood memories, captures the sweet innocence of young children and appeals to the child within each of us.
Caroline Zina

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